Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Muddfoot (The not so typical Goblin NPC)

Ah dear Muddfoot, alone in his cave creating potions.  You see he's an alchemist, at least he tries to be.  If any adventurers stumble upon Muddfoots cave, they will find a large working laboratory complete with makeshit wooden tables, glass jars & a reasonable amount of smoke for the latest failed creation.  Typically speaking Muddfoot will have 1d12 potions for sale.  However keeping in mind, all of his potions will only work 33% of the time.  It's best of the games master rolls behind the screen for that.  Potion prices range from 200 - 400 GPs, and generally are one use wonders.

Muddfoot will sometimes send the heroes off on a quest looking for new fascinating ingredients for his potions.  Normally he will pay the heroes in potions!

Please note, Muddfoot has a ring of ESP and can generally tell if the players are planning on robbing him.  The room next to his contain a failed experiment.  Muddfoot and attempted to create a giant potion, and managed to make a really good one! So good in fact that he didn't realize it would work, and immediately tossed it.  The room next to his lab, is where he dumps his failed potions. Well until recently.  He dumped the giant potion into the room and mixed with a bunch of other potions to create a puddle of super giant.  The room is currently locked and barred, as there are two extremely giant rats stuck in the room, with no room to budge!

Muddfoot is also looking for a new hole in which to dump his failed experiments in.

(edit:  could be makeshift?) 

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