Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Strongholds of Sorcery - Basic Fantasy NEW Adventure!

BF3 Strongholds of Sorcery, Release 31 -- July 31, 2017: This is the first "complete" release of this large adventure series for mid to higher level play.  Here is the download

Strongholds of Sorcery: The Glain Campaign is an adventure series for the Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game. The adventures herein are intended for 4 to 8 player characters of levels 4 to 8. These adventures were all created for use in my campaign world, Glain. Of course, you may wish to use the adventures herein with a different campaign world; there is no reason they can't be tailored to fit well into any Basic Fantasy RPG campaign.

Let me just point out this is a pretty big adventure! There are four adventures detailed in the 113 pages, and a pile of maps!

This appears to be a bit of a sequel to the BF2 Fortress, Tomb, and Tower: The Glain Campaign adventure.  As usual there is some fantastic artwork within the adventure.  As of today there is only the pdf download, the book is not available thru createspace yet.  My guess is that having the pdf out there will allow for any bugs to be found. (Which I'm planning on doing a read thru as soon as I find some time!).   

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