Friday, August 4, 2017

New old school products on OBS

It appears one of my fav blogs is taking a bit of a break to deal with some personal things.  I wish you all the best Jeremy. ,

In the mean time, I figured I'd do a quick little check on obs to see what's new for Old School.  This probably won't be a regular thing, just figured I had some time today.

Here goes:

Official formerly TSR stuff: Bunch of cool 2nd edition things from WOTC.

Reverse Dungeon: $6.27 CAD.

The Shattered Circle: $6.22 CAD

Destiny of Kings - I remember this from my old dragon magazines, there was a bunch of adverts for it.  I'll probably grab it (once I check my bank balance). $6.27 CAD

Road To Danger - $6.27 CAD (I'm guessing that's 5 bucks USD, seems to be what keeps coming up)

Moonlight Madness: $6.27 CAD.


Furies of the Barrens RPG A science fantasy roleplaying game Written and illustrated by Andrea Sfiligoi Rules based on “The Black Hack”.  $10 CAD

The Hundred Worlds: An Introduction for Players - this looks neat.  Appears to be rules, with a setting and character creation.  I'm going to check it out today. PWYW

OSR: Rules.  PWYW.


Ice Kingdoms: The Temple of Drawoh Rock - Neat adventure, has descending AC, it's PWYW.  I'm downloading it shortly. 

The Atheneum of Yearning - a LOTFP Adventure.  50 rooms, for factional play? It's PWYW.  Downloading it shortly. 

SO2 Clash at Fort ValourCompatible with OSRIC, 1E and 2E game systems.  $12.75 CAD


Sanctum Secorum - Episode #27 Companion - Appears to be a companion to a podcast (which I'll probably check out here's the link).  It's free, there's monsters, curses and a few other neat things.

Castles & Crusades Players Handbook 7th Printing (Alternate Cover) - $27 CAD for the pdf! Looks like a new printing, or atleast a new cover for a printing.  I personally haven't tried C&C yet, but I've heard some good things. 

House Of DarknessHouse of Darkness is a sourcebook intended for use with Dark Dungeons or any other rulebook recreating the classic version of the world's best known roleplaying game. It's PWYW.

Dungeons in Blue - Mega Tile Five Pack #6 [BUNDLE) - Some cool blue maps! I like blue maps.  $5 CAD.

The Trove of Magic Items (Labyrinth Lord) - 100 new magic items for Labyrinth Lord.  $3.77 CAD

Atlas of Mythika: CharybdisA new volume of the Atlas of Mythika for the Mazes & Minotaurs RPG. FREE

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