Friday, August 25, 2017

New Old School ISH at OBS - August 24


Holy crap I gotta check RPGNOW more often.

Hexed Places Compendium: I really dig these maps.  FREE!

Places of Power: Oleander's Sanctuary (SNE) - A neutral edition village backdrop.  Looks nifty! $4.33 CDN

Ice Kingdoms Expansion Volume Two: Expanded Cultures - Expanded Cultures provides six new cultures drawn from across the thanelanes. These new cultures include the gnomes and halflings of the Thanelands as well as divergent human options. PWYW!

Swords & Wizardry Light - Character Cards - These are friggin cool. I was telling Erik the other day that these would be perfect for running a game with my nephews. The art is fantastic! PWYW

Tome of horrors 1: Monsters for SWL - PWYW

Swords & Wizardy Light - Obviously there was a change on it or something because I think this has been up for a bit.  Regardless if you haven't done so, check it out, its a solid system! PWYW

Cacoshox: A High Level OSR Adventure - This sounds like fun.  The Face Stealer has beaten the Labyrinth Lord and awaits the party! $6.27 CDN

Kaigaku Paper Minis - Cool Oriental themed minis $7.52 CDN

Gregorius21778: Welcome to Junkbeach -  Mutant Future Supplement, possibly hexcrawl adventure, I gotta download this for more info.  It's PWYW. 

NQ1 - Meteor Mystery - A adventure for "Adventures in Filbar, these are pretty cool and there's quite a lot of them to check out.  $3.76 CDN

Zero Level Player Rules - For OSRIC, although I'm sure you can rejigger for whatever game your playing. $12.55 CDN 

Ice Kingdoms Expansion Volume One: Expanded Bestiary - PWYW Bestiary, Seven new creatures. 

Victorious Bundles - Comes with a pile of stuff!  $50.52 CDN

I decided this week to just leave the TSR reprint stuff out of it.  A. Cuz I'm short on time, and B.  They got lots of money.  I'll check it out next week.  

Cheers and happy gaming. 

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