Friday, June 1, 2018

Vacation Day Today

I decided to take a day off today, of course the bosses were like "well if you get bored you can come in".  Really?  Anyways, I do have a plan for today.  First and foremost, I need to sit down and do a bit of personal writing.  Then I have to make some supper (a nice slowcooker soup recipe).  After all that I need to spend some time cleaning up my room, as we have a bit of a leak in the roof and I'm worried about important things. 

On the docket for RPG related things today, I really need to re work Dusty Door, I have some wonderful art I need to add to it.  It should hopefully be up a little later today.

The Baron is very close, I am however doing it in my spare time at work using publisher.  Porting files back and forth to home and work is a major pain in the ass.  Of course if I was using a USB stick that would be handy.  It's coming along. I have to spend a bit of time today finding some art for the book.  Scott found a pile of great stuff!  He ended up sending me a clipart file of like 100 images.  I do however need a few sorta specific things for rooms.  I get to surf for a little while.

Of course I did have a discussion with someone about running a game today.  I should really get something prepared for when I actually have time to do so.  The other day I was looking at the 1e dmg adventure (well map basically) and I wouldn't mind fleshing that out at some point. 

As usual I have about 100 other projects on the go, and I will probably spend sometime either working on or thinking about them.

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