Thursday, March 14, 2019

Inaugural issue of Tenfoot Zine released! - Matt Jackson

I had the pleasure of playing in some black hack games with Matt Jackson (and a bunch of other awesome peeps).  Matt just released the gonzo adventure he ran for us in zine format.  It is available on his patreon account:

Tenfoot Zine 01
GREETINGS, Welcome to the first issue of hopefully (yet another) new zine from yours truly. The plan is for these to be generally about gaming and covering different systems I like, short adventures, maps, tips for game masters, crazy ideas, magic items, house rules, and whatever floats my boat at the moment. We will see how this goes and probably correct course as we go.

This silly little adventure I wrote for use with The Black Hack. I had been wanting to try my hand at running TBH for a while. When given the chance I used the random tables and my imagination to come up with the insanity herein. This is also the adventure that I learned as I ran the game for the first time, so there are possibly mistakes. I am not sure if this bodes well for TBH, but here you go.
Hopefully, you enjoy this.

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