Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Pipeful of trouble layout completed!

Couple of months ago my buddy Thaumiel Nerub of D-oom products posted on facebook that he was needing some layout help, specifically for POD.  I guess he was banging his head against the desk a little bit.  I was a bit hesitant (and still am) of my ability to pull it off, mostly the POD part.  Because I had so much trouble with rotbb.  Hence why it's not on drivethru as a pod. 

Anyways, got it done! and it's been re-released! Here's the blurb.

A Pipeful Of Trouble has now an updated PDF file. Print-on-demand is on its way.
This could have not been possible without Shane Ward from 3 Toadstools Publishing, who helped to create the all new and awesome POD ready layout!
So, here it is, go get it! (If you have already purchased the original PDF, you can download this updated version for free!)

The pod will be out soon, just waiting on the proofs to make it to my buddy. 

Blurb: "All is not well in Brierfield. The idyllic halfling village has fallen prey to unknown bandits and marauders. These peaceful victims of shattered loves and broken dreams need a band of heroes to save them. Are you willing to help them in their time of needs?"

And there's already a review! check it here

Here's a couple of screenshots of the layout. 

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