Friday, March 29, 2019

Playing some dnd tomorrow

One of the old school group got super inspired and wrote up a really nifty dungeon.  He's a super nice guy, but is quite an introvert.  So as far as I'm concerned this is going to be SUPER progress for him to run a game.  Actually super progress just getting us together.  I had a brief look over the dungeon, and he wrote it very DIY, just some basic stats (hps and AC).  In some cases he made the decision that the monsters would be very easy and gave them ac's of 6.  Even after I said that unarmoured was 10. 

The plan is to use Swords & Wizardry Whitebox for ease of use.  I'm going to roll up a few characters at lunch. 

His map is cool.  I'll try and get a picture of it. Basically it's about 10 rooms that are all interconnected.  Each room has 8 doors that lead to a different room.  So in the sense of a traditional dungeon, it's not exactly laid out in a "build it underground" way, but super bad assed nonetheless.  I guess you could think of each door as a teleport to a different room, with everything happening in the rooms. 

I'm going to guess we will die a miserable death.
So fucking excited!

After this, I think I'm going to reignite the old school group with a delve to Isle Of Dread using whitebox (or b/x possibly).  Sounds like the core group would be my wife, our buddy (whose running the game on saturday, and our nephew).  And then whoever else wants to show up once in awhile.


Happy friday kids.