Sunday, November 5, 2023

Capn of the guard

Here's a Captain of the guard generator.

1d8 Appearance

1.  Slovenly, and slow moving.

2.  Distinguished, well groomed and trim. 

3.  Scarred from battles, middle aged, slightly overweight.

4.  Very tall and thin, long flowing hair. 

5.  Short, stout and unkempt. 

6.  Muscle bound.

7.  Average build, permanent helmet hair. 

8.  Sallow, malnourished, greying hair. 

1d8 Favourite Weapon Of Choice

1.  Polearm.

2.  Large two handed axe.

3.  A pair of sharp daggers.

4.  Walking stick. 

5.  Bastard Sword.

6.  Mace. 

7.  Crossbow. 

8.  Club.


1.  Pastiche of leather and chain.

2.  Full plate.

3.  Only robes and a tunic

4.  Full chainmail with local towns flag sewn into coverall tunic.

5.  Rusted chainmail.

6.  Elven chain.

7.  Leather armour stolen from a bandit.

8.  Mithril.

1d4 Intelligence 

1.  Dimwitted. 

2.  Insanely smart. 

3.  Dropped on their head as a child. 

4.  Concussed. 

D20 Personality

1.  Conspiracy theorist. 

2.  Exhibitionist. 

3.  Lawful and just. 

4.  Cruel & twisted. 

5.  Easily swayed. 

6.  Let's other's do their dirty work. 

7.  Suspicious. 

8.  Deeply religious. 

9.  Brave, run's into battle. 

10.  Deep thinker & planner. 

11.  Taciturn and polite. 

12.  Enigma. 

13.  Saddened. 

14.  Frivolous spender. 

15.  Energized and excitable. 

16.  Drug addled. 

17.  Generous. 

18.  Fishing is always on their mind. 

19.  Gambler. 

20.  Frightened. 

D10 Quirks & Bonds 

1.  Deeply afraid of the undead. 

2.  Takes pleasure in beheadings. 

3.  Enjoys bossing people around. 

4.  Wonders if there is a God. 

5.  Has a quest they don't want to undertake. 

6.  Shell shocked from war. 

7.  Has two spouses in two different towns. 

8.  Wants to open a museum. 

9.  Thinks everyone is out to get them and take their job. 

10.  Is always hungry. 

D20 Missions 

1.  Rebuild the town wall.

2.  Hunt the local dragon.

3.  Build a decent tavern. 

4.  Trying to enlist new town guards. 

5.  Looking for the missing tax collector. 

6.  Enlisting new clerics for local church. 

7.  Trying to take down a drug smuggling ring. 

8.  Is in need of new mounts for the guard.  

9.  Owes money to local lord, is considering doing something illegal. 

10.  Feels that everything is okay around here, and is considering going for a drink and relaxing. 

11.  Find out the cause of the terrible crops. 

12.  Spends most of their time fishing in local river away from their duties. 

13.  Local blacksmith requires a new source of Iron.  Looking for suitable mining spot. 

14.  On the trail of a murderer. 

15.   Wants to mount a wyverns head on their wall.

16.  Needs to clear the area to the north of monsters and unsavory types.

17.  Sent a regiment out and they haven't reported back in weeks. 

18.  Was biten by a vampire or werewolf or both.

19.  Trying to organize a jousting tournament.

20.  Searching for a leprechaun that stole his silver pieces.


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