Monday, November 6, 2023

What's up with this village

Seriously though, what is up with this place.

1.  Some citizens pray to a dark unforgiving god in the middle of the night.  No one talks about it.

2.  It's very quaint and they grow nice strawberries in the summer.

3.  There are only children here.

4.  They are at war with another nearby village over a territory dispute.  

5.  There is a fountain in the centre of town filled with what appears to be blood.

6.  They have an elegant museum of antiquities.

7.  There is a similarity named village that gets confused with this one.  This is the one with the warthog races.

8.  There is only one horse in town, his name is Charles and he's well mannered but quite tired.

9.  No booze, no loud noises, no going out after dark, no dancing, no walking in groups of three and no singing!

10.  A nice old lady makes pies for newcomers.  Curiously there are no pets in town.

11.  There's a large burnt area where the town hall/jail used to be.

12.  Every weekend there is a new festival.

13.  The bones of a great monster are now used as the entrance to the town.  A really weird archway.

14.  Some of the town sunk into the river.  Well the graveyard did.

15.  There is not one but three stone towers nearby.

16.  The town centre is filled with stone people and creatures.  They are dusty and moss grows on them.

17.  The houses are built vertically.  There are a lot of ladders.

18.  Nightly there are games of chance in the alley behind the tavern.  These are usually low stakes but lots of fun.

19.  The mayor changes on a semi bi weekly basis, except if it falls on a holiday in which case it's pushed back 3 days.

20.  Most people you meet claim to be a knight.


  1. “A lot of ladders”!!!

    You sir, are a monster!

    1. AhahHa. Well the good news is it's a fantasy world where you play a character who has no issues with ladders.