Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Debinshire is coming together

Debinshire was founded only a few short years ago by Lord Gilabrand, an ex adventurer, who 
was looking for a place to settle down after he decided to retire.  The main source of income for 
the town is trade with merchants and the Local Mill.  Gilabrand is a just & fair lord.  The Town 
has been a gathering place for Demi Humans, most of the local inhabitants are Dwarf’s, 
Halflings and Half Elfs.  There is also a local iron mine that has seen much work grow for the 
inhabitants of the town.  There is a local guard, basically for keeping the peace in town (although 
sometimes they are the cause of unrest, unruly drunkenness!).  The local guard is made up of 
ex mercenaries hired by Gilabrand, although not evil per se, they are not military men and only 
owe as much loyalty to Gilabrand as his pocketbook.  Debinshire is technically a free town. 
There are yearly taxes payable to Gilabrand, and there are houses for sale. 

Rumor Mill 
1.  Guyzel is looking for hard to find ingredients 
2.  The Iron mill has had some trouble with monsters 
3.  The giants to the east have had an uprising 
4.  Kobolds have been seen on the outskirts of town 
5.  A few of the local guard have caused trouble in town
6.  Mysterious cloaked men have been seen in the late evenings. 
7.  Falcar the merchant is hiring caravan guards 

3.  Lord Gilabrands House 
 Lord Gilabrand’s (6th Halfling Thief) house is a modest 2 story 
thatched house.  Normally he doesn’t have visitors and meets with 
town inhabitants at the Three Toadstools in.  On rare occasions his 
house is guarded by the Local guard.   Gilabrand is a ex theif 
adventurer, with ties to the thieves guild in one of the bigger city’s.  (he 
owes them money!) He’s quick witted and mysterious for the most 
part.  He will make deals to better himself or his town. 

4.  Town Barracks
Small barracks located fairly close to Gilabrand’s house and in the centre of town.  This is where 
the guard sleeps and resides.  There are 5 members of the local guard all ex mercenaries.  The 
captain, “Erathor” is a mean old dwarf (5th Fighter, Dwarf), he is the only member of the guard 
that is loyal to Gilabrand, he actually owes him a favor.  Depending on the situation the guard can 
go down to 2 or 3 members, as they have no loyalty to Gilabrand and if a better opportunity 
comes up they will take it.  Most of the guard also work in the Iron mine. (4 ­ Town Guard 1st 
Level Fighters, Half Elf, Dward, Halfling) 

5.  Fonkin’s House 
Fonkin is a gnome sage (11th Illusionist) who has resided in 
Debinshire since its inception.  He spends most of his time deep in 
study or walking thru the north forest in search of herbs and 
ingredients.  (Fonkin may or may not be a Steel dragon).  He busies 
himself in his work and doesn’t spend a lot of time out and about in the 
town.  When he is out its usually dealing with a local merchant or 
having a quick drink at the Three Toadstools. 

6.  Falcar The Merchant - “Varieties Of Goods” 
Falcar is a Half Elf.  Semi travelling merchant, he owns a small store in the town of Debinshire 
where he keeps most of his goods locked up in a underground warehouse.  More often than not 
he is in town, but will hire adventures to guard his merchant caravans, normally twice a year he 
leaves Debinshire on a trade mission to purchase more stock for his store 

7.   Guyzel’s Alchemy 
Guyzel’s is a half elf alchemist, who mostly makes potions to aid natural complications like gout, 
sore knees, etc.  She does have a few magical potions including Healing & Bless in stock.  She 
sells her potions out of her house.  Having only been an alchemist for a few years, some of her 
potions can be a touch wonky.  When taking a Guyzel potion double check that it succeeds it 
has a 25% chance of failure.  Guyzle is currently looking for adventurers to seek out hard to find 

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