Monday, March 25, 2013

Gamed Last Night!

Well managed to actually have a game last night, It went well sorta.  First things first we ran Blueholme rules with a slightly modified version of the "tales from the laughing dragon" adventure set from  Blueholme, semi confused me (just ascending AC vs descending AC).  I know that the tales from the laughing dragon is based on AD&D 3.5 rules, however I did do the switerchoo's before we sat down and gamed.  Here's the rest of my thoughts on the game.

1 - I'm writing all my own adventures from this point on.  Run a pre gen sucks.  The best part of the evening was the role playing at the start of the adventure and the end when we ran thru history of characters, how they met up etc.  The actual dungeon was so boring, and I got bogged down with some of the rules, so I'm officially switching everything over to Fighting Fantasy for the ease of use, etc.

2 - That  being said when I start writing adventures I'm going to keep the descriptions down to very basic elements and let the PC's explore more, I never liked the idea of the PC's having to do this so that this can happen.

3 - IF i ever run a pre gen again I'm going to do a ridiculous amount of prep, which was the problem this time around

Now to re-write the second part of the adventure for FF and get ride of the boring dungeons

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