Thursday, March 7, 2013

The return to my youth.

As you can tell I've been really getting back into fantasy gaming.  I used to do it a lot when I was a kid, but over time it just sorta lapsed.  My original introduction to RPG's was thru Fighting Fantasy novels, which we similar to choose your own adventure books.  Eventually I found that they created an RPG version of the FF books called "Advanced Fighting Fantasy".  Wow that opened the flood gates.  As all my friends were heavily addicted to the FF books, this was the next logical step.  Eventually we moved to AD&D 2ed.  During the last few months I've re-opened all my old AD&D books and poured over them, re-writing adventures, creating characters, worlds etc.  I think now that I'm a little older, DMing again should be a lot of fun! new ideas, just being a bit more mature will help.  (as you can tell by my post's I'm a bit manic when it comes to changing my mind).  However, I've decided on running a AFF campaign again.  I just recently purchased the new up to date version of "Dungeoneer" from Arion Games 

You can read some reviews of the new version of AFF below

The forum -

The absoutle great thing about this game is it can be as rules heavy or rules light as you want it to be, it has a real focus on role playing rather than dice rolling, making combat straight forward.

Along with the New updated version of Dungeoneer they have re-released the wold book "Titan" and the monster manual "out of the pit" all available from Arion games.

I strongly recommend getting the extra books, titan is absolutely an amazing world to adventure in, and the monstrous manual is ridiculously handy.

The thing that got me super excited is that Arion is accepting adventures! I'm planning on sending in some stuff as soon as its been playtested.

On this page will be hosted adventures, rules, new races, new spells, new weapons and much, much more.  
And all of this will be created by you!
First up is “Raiders of the Desecrated Temple”, an adventure submitted to the Fighting Fantazine competition, and one of the excellent runners up.  In fact, so good that we had to have it here.  

If you have any created material you would like to share with others fans of the game, please email us here:

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