Thursday, March 14, 2013

The not so secret addiction

Just as a side note, this is entirely ADD... read on. 

Alrighty, I've been basically having D&D rolling around in my head, for the last 4 or 5 weeks.   I ask myself where did it come all of a sudden? And I have no idea.  I was off of it for a really long time.  The last few days I've been mad searching campaigns, maps, finding all these awesome resources that I WISH I had when I was a kid.  I've finally settled myself down however and created a small campaign for my upcoming players.  The only problem I've had the last little while is the amount of paper i"m going thru at the office,  I just downloaded Blueholme rules and I'm going with them.  There the most straight forward D&D type rules I've found.  (I own the 3 main books for AD&D2ed) but this is a nice little package I can put into a binder, which is helpful.

My recent find is the text and graphics for L1 Secret Of Bone Hill.  So I'm slowly putting that together for myself to print.  I've already printed the Laughing Dragon, Morgansfort and the Adventure Compilation from Basicfantasy.  In all honest I probally won't use Bone Hill, but the idea of having it is cool, plus I'm such a "doc" nerd, I'll spend time working on text and etc.  ieyeyeyye man!

Just start playing already!

So officially, even though I've been back and forth a bit latetly, I'm doing the "tales from the laughing dragon" and then probally "keep on the borderlands" or "morgansfort"

I know as a DM you will never be totally prepared.  but hey who cares, its fun imagining all this stuff right?


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