Friday, March 8, 2013

Turning it off

Unfortunately I cannot turn my DM brain off.   Which is a great thing! I suppose to a degree.  Had a few interesting thoughts already this morning, the following I posted in a google plus forum

Just a quick little note, I love source books! even if there not part of the game system you are using, highly valuable.  I was reading through my old assed copy of "keep on the borderlands" last night, and found a wonderful table of "NPC personality quirks" i guess you could call it.  I'll see if I can re-write the table, I don't have it in front of me however.  I'm currently planning on running a campaign using the new revised Advanced Fighting Fantasy rules that I just bought (use to play when I was younger) anyways, just going thru 2e source books and I keep finding all this gold to use, like that little trinket.  Eventually I'll be making a binder like the one guy posted with tables and extraneous things to have on hand.  Another one I'm thinking about using is the Menzoberranzan setting, atleast the bits of it to create a Duegar setting that's similar.

The other thing that just came up was the idea of using Cobra Commander as an NPC, his character anyways, and the flaws etc.  It actually works perfectly into the campaign I have going in my head involving Gilabrand The Stout.  Possibly a relative that works for the thieves guild.  How he ever got in far in the guild really doesn't make sense, since he's such a wimp.  Possibly because of the influence of Gilabrand, and the respect that he used to carry within the ranks.  

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