Thursday, October 23, 2014

Just gauging interest....pbp

I would like to attempt to run a pbp, possible ongoing campaign if it works out, thru google + communities.  I haven't quite decided what system to use, so far I have LL, Basic Fantasy and Advanced Fighting Fantasy 2e I'm considering.  For the sake of argument, dice rolls using BF is probably the most straight forward (ascending armor class).  Part of me though wants to try out old school fighting fantasy, the rolls are pretty straight forward, everyone starts with a skill stat, rolls 2d6 and adds it, vs monsters roll.  Whoever wins does 1d6 damage.  Other than that there's skill checks.  Might be easy for pbp.  I quite like AFF2e, but the way damage is figured out, its extra rolls that might just get confusing while typing.

I think for the sake of argument 4 players would be the best idea.  Anymore and I'll just get super confused! hahaha.

A few options for the actual play are....

Gloomwood Forest - this is a module idea I've been working on, I ran it with BF at home with my players and we had some fun, I think if I did this it would help me finish up the module.

The Overrun Mines - I can easily convert this to whatever system, the only issue is that since its available at drivethru, there could be some spoilers.

The Hunt For Valathune - This is the a re-imagining / 2nd part to a module written for BF that's available thru their adventure anthology.  

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