Tuesday, October 14, 2014

IMHO Kickstarter and its role with RPG''s

This post comes from my observation that there is a lot of kickstarters going on out there, and patreons for that matter.  In my personal opinion and it does boil down to exactly that, that I feel no need whatsoever to create one for myself personally, for the reason that I'm thoroughly enjoying going at this publishing DIY.  That and I am not treating it as a source of income, or currently a possible "job".  I am just and I'll say this again, thoroughly enjoying having fun creating things.  I totally understand the reasons that people are creating these kickstarters/patreons, because they want to push there work forward, and try and make the best possible.... module, adventure, set of rules, etc.  I get it.

Unless for some amazing reason that the 3 Toadstools become a official career, I'm not going to take a crack at it.  The market to a degree is flooded with the things, however the great thing about kickstarter/patreon is that allows the fans to dictate what actually comes out.

that being said, and this is my personal opinion, I would never let the "well it didn't get funded, so I'm scrapping this idea", get in my way.  Bearing in mind my personal opinions on the matter.

Alright, I'm not throwing spears, or chucking slingstones at anyone, I say more power to you, this is just a personal observation, that I am enjoying my current hobby, and what I'm getting out of it.

Hey! I mean I made like 4 bucks so far, that I didn't have before right! woot

Cheers guys & gals, keep rolling the dice.

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