Friday, October 10, 2014

Weapon speed & weight

How do you treat weapons in your game? Can a large weapon only be used every other round? Do you not worry about it at all?  "Sure you can swing that two handed widowmaker as many times as you want!".  Personally I've never put a penalty on it.  I think partially because to me its very much role playing, as an example.

PC "I want to be a conan type barbarian dude!"

ME:  Sure but the rules state that you can only hit every other round, However you do more damage, still want a widowmaker?

PC "I changed my mind I'll be a thief with 2 daggers.

Personally I'd prefer to let him be Conan.  For the simple sake that, that's what he wants to be.  Yes I'll even let him swing that bugger every round.  Besides which a hulking barbarian who can hit and do crazy damage means that there is less likely a chance of a TPK.

I have to go back and re-read the weapons speed rules etc.  I'm just wondering what is your take on this?

Image "The Death Dealer"
Rubus The Barbarian

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  1. I don't bother with every other round for large weapons. I also don't allow an extra attack for wielding a weapon in each hand. The hit roll represents an opportunity during the combat round, which is an abstract concept.