Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Why I like playing a PC that has disadvantages

After a brief conversation with my DM yesterday, I decided to write a post about this topic.

My DM was wondering why "With how powerful the monsters are, why do you like giving yourself so many disadvantages as a player?".

Here's the reason why I like to roll up PC's with low stats, because as a player I want to overcome almost impossible odds and succeed and be the hero of the day.  If I start off as a super hero it is less fun to play.  The game then becomes about min/maxing, picking the best options.  For example, "why would I pick a sling and a staff, when I could easily have picked a 2 handed sword".  There is a reason that there are negative numbers in the book associated with stats.

That being said, it was suggested that level one PC's in 5e are far from superheroes, and in all honesty most games level one characters are far from superheroes.

While I understand, from a DM's perspective its much easier to have a bunch of beefy PC's playing, it makes it easier for CR's etc.  The campaign is the DM's, and the players are part of the story.

Eventually whenever my character levels up, I'll probably use the "add to ability stat" rather than pick feats.   As it will show a progression.  Here he is a lowly level one druid, with a shitty dex stat, trying to sling stones at bad guys.  Of course he's going to miss occasionally.  But as time goes on, he's shot off a ton of melee stones, eventually he's going to get better at it right?   It's all about the role playing.

With the disadvantage/advantage mechanic in 5e its makes playing a low stat pc even more hilarious!  For example, I had considered playing a blind PC.  My DM had said that all of my attacks would be at a disadvantage in that case.  I thought the obvious movie thing "Well his other senses are more attuned etc, so maybe he would just have no mechanic issue".  That said, I still may play a PC that is blind, even if I have to roll that adv/dis mechanic, cuz seriously funny.   Obviously he may become a great healer, and be able to help the group that way.

Regardless of what system you use this post is about the idea of getting into the character.  I've written about this before.  I like the idea of playing a PC with low wisdom, who just run's into battle "WATCH THIS GUYS!".  And then maybe he becomes a nice tasty lunch for the dragon.  Ah well, roll 3d6.

For a bit more info on my thoughts on role playing dumb assed characters

as a side note, I think I'll be creating a second blog for 5e related stuff.  As we are currently playing in a 5e campaign, eventually I'll probably be running another one or finishing up the starter set (with major modifications).

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