Tuesday, June 7, 2016

game prep

I spent most of last night, sitting on the deck with a glass of tea working out encounters for the campaign.  As I had created that newsletter for the players there are a pile of adventure paths in which to take.

1.  Find the 3 headed beast
2.  find the shipwreck

Both of which will lead to Monkey Isle, which may also lead to the Slave pits module A1 I believe?

3.  Find Hamona's great great grandfather's dagger - Tomb of gardag
4.  Escort Arnof's trading company to Elerd's keep
this is a mixture of a bunch of things.

First off Elerd's keep is essentially morgan's fort, however I'm using the area map from the chaotic caves (sans the caves).  I am also replacing some bad guys.

Secondly, the PC's may meet the elves of autumnwood, who recently suffered a defeat by a hobgoblin horde (main story line).

Of course there is a pile of little encounter on the road to Elerds keep.

including a wizard who appears out of nowhere as a giant toad, and then transforms into wizard!  of course she will have a pile of rumours, and as well discuss the hobgoblin menace, and the need for the elemental stones.   To which one of the players already has one. 

I know pre planning encounters can be a waste of time, but it makes me comfy.  It's still not technically a rail road, but an overall scope.  The players have a pile of choices at this point, and I'm only writing from one session to the next, so as it stands I have a pile of ammo dependant on the players choices.

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