Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The moment you realize you should

Probably blog about something but nothing is really coming to you.  So you do a bit of surfing and find a few interesting links instead.

Here's a list of some Old School Zines -

Here is an interesting blog about Old School Roleplaying - bit of a introduction

Aquelarre — Translated Introduction This looks rather interesting - - This Introduction represents the first completed pages of our English translation of the classic Spanish RPG, Aquelarre.

I got mildly excited about this -
World Builder's Guidebook (2e)
Never read it before, have any of you? 

I quite like the Adventures in Filbar series, I've got some good ideas from it for my own campaign. 

Oh and I'm going on vacation soon, so there's this stupid meme. 

Hopefully I didn't loose you.  I have a bit of writing to do while I'm on vaycay.  This weekend we are playing some 5e Curse of Strahd!  I was hoping for some "Deck DnD", but it appears the weather is not going to cooperate at all.  Balls!

In the next few weeks the old school group is going to reconvene, they will probably finish up "The tomb of gardag the strange".  To which I'm not entirely happy with the adventure as it stands.  Regardless of some of the cool reviews I've got for it.

It appears that the old school group quite likes wandering around the country side (hex crawlin!), and whatever comes up comes up.  So I am thinking that I need to incorporate a whole bunch more of that!  I have a few ideas cooking, just a matter of sitting down and writing them.

That's about it for today.

Here's a metal version of an Adele song.

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