Monday, June 20, 2016

This week is writing mode!

My Wife asked me recently "had I written anything lately?".  My answer was YES!  But what she was really asking was had I written anything that I had released on drivethru, and the answer is no.  I've been working diligently on this campaign.  I had a bunch of encounters on the road written, and the players managed to bust thru most of them a few sessions ago.  So I'm going to have to go and write some more stuff!

Unlike most hex crawls, this one nothing is really written.  I'm going to spend sometime working thru the rest of the hexes.  I did do a bit of a start on it, but some of its been thrown out as the campaign takes shape.

I think once, we get thru this whole thing and it actually is written I'll put it out there.  So far there's lots of interesting things coming up.  The big bad guy has taken shape thanks to some help from the comments on the blog.  The horde of Hobgoblins are going to be riding "War Toads", ala Zak S's "War Snails".

I still have to come up with an idea for Wiazrdly figure.  I'm thinking a NPC that hangs out with the PCs probably.

After I killed Tindleweed in the last campaign, he created a new character, that's basically a BEEFCAKE!  Which is going to be fun to watch him play.  He actually asked me the following: 

"Can you give me +2 to my strength, if I -7 to both my Wisdom and Int?".  LMFAO.  I gave him a bit of a deal on it, I think It was -2 to both. 

I've been looking at the adventure i started with +Thaumiel Nerub of +D-oom Products , and I need to get back to that.  Thankfully I'm on vacation next week so I'm going to attempt to hunker down.

As well I need to work on a bunch of random tables and pop em into google drive for when I play.  Just quick and easy things like halfling, dwarf and elf names.

Yup this is a WHOLE lotta A.D.D. type post this morning.

5 days till vacation.

6 days till we re-convene our 5e group for some more Strahd awesomeness

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