Sunday, June 19, 2016

Massive member-old school session 5

Just finished up a session, super funny as usual. The title comes from silly discussion prior to the actual game. We reconvened in the tomb of gardag the strange. The players decided to go thru the west door Into a set of stairs. And they triggered a trap. To which the half ling cleric fell down and almost died.

After some rope heroics they managed to get oxana on solid ground and promptly went north. They found a zombie in a iron maiden. Killed it and went to the next room. The room contained green slime and after a previous encounter they decided, f*** that room. The PC's found a large cavern and we're immediately set upon by a insect swarm. One of the players lit a torch and attempted to smoke em out. After that room they found what appeared to be a bit of a treasure hoard. Piles of the clothes, rope, a whip,armour. The wizard twindleweed saw a fly tunic in the pile and decided it was his.

Prior the dwarf thru a rock into the room to see if by chance it was an illusion. The wizard ran into the room and promptly fell down a hole. RIP twindleweed. The player's looted the room, and had a silent drink to the memory of their wizard friend. Then looted his corpse. The thief grabbed the whip. To which I said, that whip belongs in a museum.

The PC's went off to another room and found a bunch of humans half dead tied to a pole. The low wisdom thief yelled What ho!

as per usual.

And a bunch of morlocks appeared, blood thirsty.

next session it should be that we are finishing up the tomb and after that hopefully the players will take a look again at the newsletter I gave them and see if they can find a Quest from there I still need to work on some NPCs and finish up elerds keep.

I think I will probably use one of the maps that Dyson has drawn for the cape keep along with the latest DMG to create all of the background information Merchants tavern's exedra

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