Thursday, October 3, 2013

D&D 30 Day Challenge - Day 28 A Character you will never play ever again

Getting very close to the end of this, its been quite a lot of fun actually, it gives me a reason to write something everyday, which is quite a good thing.  There has been some various discussion on some of the questions being somewhat lame, for instance this one, I have no idea to tell you the truth! And for that matter tomorrow's question is kinda balls as well.   So (GET ON WITH IT!)... Least favorite character or the one I will never play again.  Due to my limited experience as a player, I honestly don't have a great answer for this.  However I think that the type of Character I won't play is a straight up basic warrior.  Its a cop out.  Statistically you have the edge in most RPG's, you can use the best armor, the best weapons, its mildly boring.   I would much prefer to play a thief, or a bumbling wizard and have fun with the role play aspect  than to just be the hit dice, hack and slash champion.  That's just me.

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