Monday, October 7, 2013

D&D 30 Day Challenge - Last Day! - Best DM You've Had

Well, I'm finally at the end of this, and the last question is "Best DM you've had".  I haven't been able to be a character much, so I'm not really going to say I've had a Best DM, however I have been playing a lot recently (DMing) and I'm hoping if I can get some of my players excited, maybe they will take the reigns for an adventure, which would be great!

If you want to do the 30 Day Challenge I've left up the image you can follow.  Its a lot of fun (gives you a reason to blog everyday).  There are some redundant questions however, so be warned.

We had a discussion over at the OSR forums about creating a OSR Specific D&D 30 Day Challenge, here are some of the ideas we came up with.  Obviously its not quite finished.

1 - Favorite Retro Clone 
2 - The saving throw you lost that killed you, describe
3 - Favorite preferred method of initiative
4 - Favorite published module 
5 - Favorite unpublished independent module (there is a vast amount of technically unpublished ones out there, basically I mean non TSR/WotC ones) 
6 - Blue, black, hex maps? 
7 - Railroad vs sandbox 
8 - The strangest race you've ever played 
9 - Favorite trap you or your players walked into.
10 - Favorite monster from the Fiend Folio.
11 - Describe one room in Castle Greyhawk.
12 - Favorite non-standard use of a spell you've seen.
13 - Funniest character death you've witnessed.
14 - Favorite RPG other than a D&D variant.
15 - Best new school rule or change in a WotC edition.
16 - And the worst.
17 - Favorite houserule from your campaign.

18 - worst/best module cover art
19 - most outrageous set of "+s" - ie +3 battle axe, +3 armor, +1 attribute - in a character you've played.
20 - Best publisher from the olden days (Flying Buffalo, Judge's Guild, GameLords, etc).
21 - funniest thing you saw in a gelatinous cube 
22  - The Last Old School Edition of D&D  (i.e., the edition after which you think things started going "new school")
23 - funniest dying words (monster or pcs) 
24 - best sneak attack 
25 - funniest PC name / most bad assed PC name
26 - How many times have you heard "oh no! not another ...... (insert monster name here) 

Thanks to +Jasper Polane and +Joseph Gill for there thoughts on this. 


  1. Where do I always seem to be when people talk about these things?

    Grumbles away.

  2. Add your own to it :) we should try and attempt to get 30 :)