Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hmm... It appears that I have to create a lot for this!

Just reading thru the Chaotic Caves, and while I love the map, the dungeons, and the not so random random encounters, I am not a huge fan of the fact that the town doesn't have a name, or that any of the inhabitants have any names.  Obviously this is setup so that the DM can make up his own mind on all of the encounters, name of inhabitants etc, however it is a touch of a pain in the arse as well! Ugh... <finds random name generator>

It does however state for the record that the guy left it open ended on purpose, so that DM's could revise as much as they like.  

Leaves me thinking, that I'm going to mash up even more at this point..  However its also reminding me that I really need to make up my mind before the end of the week!!! hahahah.  I'm pretty sure i'm one of those "Over planners" as far as DMing goes, but its been awhile since I've really done much, so I suppose its nice to be ready for it.  

As a side note I was looking thru some reviews of some of the other Modules I have, and I found some hilarious ones on "The Terrible Trouble At Tragidore"... Apparently its the WORST module ever produced.  

Anybody ever ran this one? 

I also have one older dragonlance module, (not sure which it is but I"ll post it up).  I'm wondering if anyone in the OSR community wants it? or is a fan of dragonlance modules? I've never ran it as it seems like its the 2nd adventure in a series.  I also have the "Sword of the dales" which is a major railroad. 

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