Thursday, November 7, 2013

Christmas is coming don't forget your fellow gamers!

With Halloween in the rearview mirror, I've started thinking about Christmas! One of my players, who I just recently got into D&D, I decided I'm going to grab him a set of dice and print off B/X , just basic D&D for him.  Figured that's a great way to get a DM! hahahha  I'd love to play a PC one time.  Besides which I think it will be a nice semi homemade gift.

In other news, I'm still working on my AFF campaign for my players, its getting big and out of control at this point! I'm thinking because I've decided to use an existing book that I may have the players actually play Characters from the book rather than just creating characters that are in the world.  For example...

Years after the king has passed away, his daughter maybe one of the PC's that I create.  I feel like it will have the PC's roleplay a bit better, and get imersed in the story.  Rather than the plot device of the Daughter coming to the PC's for help, just make her one of them.

The premise so far, is that the king died fighting a demon, once the demon killed the king, he took the medallion that protected the lands from evil.  The demon then returned to the pits of hell.   Or when the demon killed the king, in the throws of battle the medallion was split into 3 separate pieces and scattered thruout the land.  I think that maybe the plan!

Now years later the Daughter is found by the kings wizard and is sent on a quest to reclaim the throne and the lands.  The medallion is magically imbued with a power that not only affects the kings castle, but the surrounding lands.  In the absence of the king the lands have become deteriorated, the castle tarnished.

A few of the main NPC's are a Dragon who once helped the king, the demon, a witch who lives in the mists.

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