Monday, November 25, 2013

Realms Advice

I was re-reading the "Sword Of The Dales" and the campaign setting for Forgotten Realms over the weekend.  The Sword of the Dales seems like a good point to start with, especially considering the heroes can start with Shadowdale as the home base.  In the Shadowdale book (in the campaign setting) there is another adventure called the Twister Tower, which seems a bit too huge and daunting to DM as well for the PC's (apparently its levels 1-3, yet they have to fight some drow?)   The logical conclusion I'm coming to is to possibly start with the Sword of the Dales, and maybe pick up the rest of that trilogy (spiderhaunt woods, and return of randal morn).  then either move to the shadowdale adventure, which could lead to Menzoberranzan or possibly, Myth Drannor or the Zhentarim (I think there is modules for that?).

Has anybody ran these? I'm guess there is some people out there.  What I'm trying to figure out is what is the logical choices here, in order.  Obviously Myth Drannor is meant for some pretty tough hero's, as well as menzoberranzan.


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