Thursday, November 7, 2013


If i ever get a chance to roll up a character and play, I plan to be a extremely dimwitted halfling thief, I mean, whatever is the lowest intelligence score I'll go with that! (class restrictions) that way I can do shit like "My PC runs blindly into a battle with ogres, COME ON GUYS WE CAN TAKE EM!" 

The idea of actually role playing is what is sparking this (not roll), look at those attributes and figure it out.  Did you roll a low strength? play is up, "I see there's some bars that need to be lifted, take it easy barbarian, i got this!".  and then fail miserably.  

Its so easy to try and figure out the best min/maxing type PC and go with that, but what fun is there in that? I got a STR of 18 and + 9 Battle Axe, send me a demon! 

Just some thoughts this afternoon, sparked by a discussion with +Venger Satanis 

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  1. Err Wisdom score.. HAHAHA... seriously, would be silly.

  2. "Hey Guys Watch This!" - The last words of Dobbie The Halfling as he ran into battle against an old wyrm who hadn't used his breath weapon that day.

  3. Nice. I've done this before much to the hatred of the rest of the groups. Honestly, though when playing point buy what better thing is there to do?

    1. I agree! And by point buy are you referring to D&D specifically, like
      if I want to increase something i have to decrease another attribute?
      I dunno if this would piss off the other players but I mean hey the
      whole idea is about having fun. Due to the fact that I'm already a
      goof, why not

  4. For the campaign I'm working on I'm thinking I may have to incorporate this whole premise into the "Ghome Gnomes" NPCs. The campaign is based on Terry Brooks "Magic Kingdom For Sale". From wikipedia

    Fillip and Sot are G'home Gnomes and brothers. Nigh inseparable, they always travel together and become semi-frequent companions of Ben's. Being incorrigible thieves, G'home Gnomes are considered pests by the majority of Landover's community. However, once Ben was able to prove his kingship, Fillip and Sot have proved loyal to him, if a bit of a nuisance. They have a tendency to trade on their relationship with Ben to circumvent the standard legal process and take their innumerable complaints directly to Ben himself.
    The G'home Gnomes earned their tribal name at some unspecified point in Landover's past. When they first arrived, and the residents of Landover had learned of their kleptomaniac tendencies, members of the tribe were met with the wish/phrase "Go home, Gnome" by the general populace, expressing the general wish that they would all go home to wherever it was they came from. Over time this got abbreviated to "G'home Gnome" and eventually the wish became the name by which the tribe was known.