Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Interesting gaming convo last night

Enjoyed a nice big spicy pot of chili and a few glasses of wine with my players last night.  We didn't get around to playing any RPG's but that's fine, as we did have a really good conversation about D&D what they would like to do.

First things first one my players had been doing a bit of research (I love it when they do research!) and had come to the conclusion that is always better to have a DM run a campaign/game that he created rather than play something that is existing.  Which gives me more fuel to go ahead and create my own campaign world, etc.  :)

Obviously I"ll post it up when its done for other's to borrow, steal, use etc.  I'm now in thinking mode!

The other very cool thing from last night was that I sent home that same player with my 2nd Edition books, figuring after he gets thru all of them "here's a bit of light reading!".  In hopes that maybe I'll get to play a PC eventually :)


So begins the building of a campaign world, and adventures.

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