Thursday, November 14, 2013


A little discussion over at the OSR Google + Community has got me thinking about house rules & rule sets in general.  Not that I'm going to jump on this, but from all the retro clones I've read this last year I've come to quite a lot of conclusions on how I'd like to run a game.  Maybe one day I'll figure something out and create a system for myself.

Here's a few ideas.

Do away with the 6 D&D attributes and possibly goto the microlite 3.  Mind, Dex, Str or whatever it is.  As Base skills,  

Use Difficulty class for checks. - so simple.

Possibly incorporate "Skills" and "skill checks" from advanced fighting fantasy.  For me its a character development tool, but it also can be a bit hindering I suppose.  Depending on the situation.  A PC' try's to do something he doesn't have a skill in what happens then?

Include +Venger Satanis  33% Chance ruling.  Basically someone comes up with an idea, roll percentile dice, it its under 33% it succeeds.

Magic - Ugh.... I've never loved the idea of spells just disappearing.  I'd go with a magicka pool.  And probably a specific spell blast that can be used at any time.

Initiative & Morale - Gone... I don't like em.

Ascending AC - Its just easier.

Luck! - Rather than have save vs this or die, luck checks to avoid disaster.  Luck however is limited and does not refresh, so if you have a luck of 8, and you check it becomes 7.  As times goes on you realize that you can't always use luck.  Of course eventually it will return, but that depends on your character and actions.

Experience - I just read lately that one DM just levels everyone up after an adventure.  This is an interesting concept.  In AFF its similar, after the adventure is finished, everyone levels up and add's to their skills etc.  The reason I like this, is due to the fact I really don't like killing PC's, spending inordinate amounts of time coming up with storylines and adventures just to have them butchered isn't fun for me.  That and the fact that I can throw bigger scarier monsters at em!

Obviously there is a bunch of contradicting things above, that I'd have to figure out.  Every system has its downfalls & pluses in my mind.  AFF, I love the skill checks, but dislike combat.  Microlite is genuis in a lot of ways, the stripped downess of it, but then that can be a bit of a problem as well.  D&D , I really like Ascending AC, varied weapon damage, I dislike Initiative & Morale, Experience, 6 attributes.

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