Friday, November 1, 2013

We don't server your kind in here, you'll have to wait outside

"We don't server there kind in here, the droids will have to wait outside" - Star Wars Episode 4 

I've been reading the Crystal Shard from the Icewind Dale Trilogy by R.A. Salvatore.  I actually picked up all three books at a used book fair for like $8.46 CDN.  SCORE!  Obviously I'm getting some great ideas as I'm reading the books.  One that has come to mind (although I don't condone it) is racism.  The fact that barely anyone speaks to Drizzt in Ten-Towns, he has few friends, and most of the residents shy away from and look upon Drizzt as a outsider.  This really strikes a chord with me.  I know for example that in some books (campaign settings) its suggested to "look down on other races with distrust" especially in  human settlements.  This brings up a interesting role play situation.  For example in the adventures I've ran, my players are usually a dwarf and a elf, (wierdo combo).  I've never really played up the apparent racism, although I'm considering it.  Have you?


  1. THIS WAS THE ORIGINAL first time that that Drow showed up in any parts of Forgotten realms and he need a party then. Now adays I understand he solo's!

  2. Can you imagine any world, real or imagined, where racial bias isn't a factor? May as well be realistic in game. It would be a very boring game if every race got along. In the case of the Drow, they are evil, and chaotic. I could see a little racial tension between a dwarf and elf. It was even present in the LotR movies.That can make for good role playing. As a game master, if a character wanted to play a drow, I would make sure there were social consequences for sure. We-don't-serve-your-kind responses would be the rule forcing the player to come up with disguises or other clever ideas.