Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Clones Clones Clones

I was just reading this post by +Erik Tenkar http://www.tenkarstavern.com/2014/04/all-this-talk-of-podcasts-got-me.html Regarding the need for more podcasts about Retro Clones.  This post got me to thinking that I may start reviewing some Clones on this blog, just for my own sake.  To do a podcast, you would need a few people on the show with a tremendous amount of experience about Retro Clones & RPG's in general.  However I can still do some reviews of the ones that I've read and played on here.  I have just downloaded a free Star Wars game called Star Wars Galatic something, (name escapes me) and I am quite interested in running thru the Mazes & Minotaurs stuff, atleast from a read thru standpoint.  That being said I think I will start with Blueholme, as it was first the clone I picked up and quite liked it.  Although I've been dabling in a whole bunch of clones, that one stands out.  I've been writing adventures for Labyrinth Lord, Playing Basic Fantasy and reading thru S&W & Mutant Future.