Monday, April 7, 2014

Played a little Basic Fantasy yesterday

A few months back I wrote a big adventure (right around christmas).  We managed to run thru a bit of it yesterday and it was quite a lot of fun.  First off it was very old school, I didn't even have any Character sheets, we did everything with pencil and paper LOL!   My new set of dice that I got for Xmas, managed to not roll 20's the whole time which was good!  I actually did most of my rolls on the other side of the screen, so that players new I wasn't fudging anything.  I started them both off at 2nd level, which I found better as they managed to not get there butts kicked in the first encounter.  Another thing I realized as the game went on is I quite like the idea of difficulty class, and I plan to use that more often.  Basically I make a determination of the player wants to try something with the following numbers in mind... 13 (easy)  15 (a bit more difficult) 17 (next to impossible).  Of course adding any extra modifier's to the roll.  For example, the PC's cut down a tree and used it to cross a river.  So i said it was a DC of 15 with any DEX modifiers.  This worked out quite well.

The players also roleplayed quite well, I had a few encounters that were not strictly combat only.  Which helped!

All in all it was a pretty good start to a campaign hopefully.   I think I will spend a bit of time actually typing up the manuscript after we are done playing thru it.  One thing I didn't figure would happen was that the PC's took the right path to the first big encounter right away.  Not a bad thing, but I had a few other little encounter planned to the east, rather than the west.  All good, I'll save them for later.

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