Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Joy In A Flask - Mini Review

Just grabbed a copy of "Joy In A Flask" by Genius Loci Games -

I haven't had a chance to run it quite yet, (full disclosure) but reading thru this 2 pager, I'm excited! The layout is awesome (3 Column w/Nice Graphics!).  I won't get too much into the premise or story behind the adventure, except to say that I really like that there are choices built into it, depending on alignment of the PC's.  Chaotic PC's may take a drastically different path, than your run of the mill good guys.  This makes for some interesting role playing.  I also quite like how +Joshua De Santo  added a lot of chance happenings (3 In 6 Chances of something happening, its very Gygax).  The module is based on Swords & Wizardry, but easily convertible to your favorite Retro Clone.  (both ascending & descending AC's are included).   It is a paid download over at Drivethrurpg, well worth the (at last look, less than a buck) price tag.  download it here -

A+ Buddy!

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