Monday, April 21, 2014

D&D Style Mass Battle Rules - Simplified Hack

After reading thru Swords & Wizardry's Rules, I quite like them, but its a lot to deal with if your running a huge battle, so I decided to attempt to create a hack for myself that may work.  The one thing I would like to point out that I will do during a course of a battle is have the hero's obviously pick a side/army to play, but also cut to "snapshot" of the actual PC's rounds during combat.  So a few army moves, then a round of what the PC's are up to, and then back to the army.

Alright here's the example.  Let's say you got 130 Dwarfs (and PC's) taking on 110 Goblins.

First off I think group initiative is warranted here, as its just quite a lot easier.  roll 1D4 whoever is highest their army goes first.  Maybe add a few modifiers into the dice roll, for example half the armies troops are gone - 2 initiative.  Have higher ground? + 1, thank kinda thing.  (I would think maybe a 1D10 might be better... I'm just riffing here).

Dwarf Army 

Foot Soldiers/Front Lines 95 AC 5
Archers 20 AC 6
Magic Users 15 AC 8

Goblin Army 

Foot Soldiers/Front Lines 60 AC 5
Archers 40 AC 6
Magic Users 10 AC 8

Each army unit is treated as a 3rd Level Warrior for ease of use determining the to hit number.  Units are in groups of 5.  Rather than use Hit Dice for each unit.  Any damage that occurs is taken off the number of units rolling a 1D6. 

0  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9
To Hit 
18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11

1.  Initiative determined
2.  Attack Roll
3.  Damage 1D6 from units

Its an idea, it may not be a great idea, I have to play this out on paper and see how it goes.

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