Thursday, April 10, 2014

Yup its free!

Hey all, this is the last post about this.  You can go and grab "The Caverns Of Ugard" my first foray into publishing an adventure on

It is LL & B/X Compatible.  Here is the brief outline.

The name Ugard is notorious with pain and fear!  Thru-out the surrounding lands Ugard and his minions threaten, bully and extort money and lives.  The vile Minotaur is holed up in some caves on the outskirts of town.  This OSR compatible one page dungeon can easily be placed into any campaign for a night of fun!  

I plan to make a few changes to this site in the next little while.  First my friends +Venger Satanis & +Joshua De Santo  I am going to take their wonderful modules & adventures that are on the right side of this page, and make a page dedicated to all the stuff they put out.  I"ll put up a link as soon as I get that cooked. 

Second, I have to revamp the OSR compatible section as well in the next few months.  I am also going to create a little section for some of the silly maps I make in my spare time, that you can download for free if you like. 

While your reading this, I have also been doing some work with an author named +Victor Epp , as you can see on the right side of the page there is a free eBook called "Truthseeker" if you are heading over to grab my module, its worth a look as its quite good!  Victor has also released 2 other books, The Arkadak Papers & The Lost Letters both only a $1.99 each. 

Now I am off to start writing and writing some more.  I am working on a megadungeon that should be quite a lot of fun when its finished, and here is the little snare to reel you in......there will be some steampunk and mutants in it! 

that's all for now. 


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