Thursday, December 18, 2014

Gambling, Drinking & Carousing!

What started out as a review for Mead & Mayhem turned into a bit more information on Gambling & Drinking & Carousing resources.

Mead & Mayhem

Product Description
Mead & Mayhem is a tavern fight supplement compatible with most old-school fantasy roleplaying games. Within this product you'll find:
  • use for your big lump of thirty sided awesome (D30)
  • simple alternative fist fight damage system
  • D30 table of 40 entries for tavern and pub fights
  • things might escalate to chaos and mayhem
Next time your players start to have their own fun in a local tavern open this PDF and see what happens...
Designed OSR in mind but we think this can easily be used with any system as an idea source.  GET IT HERE! It's pay what you want  

First off I need to get me a D30!  So I'll be off to the local store to grab one and Munchkin at the same time (as I desperately want to play that over Christmas).  This little module is going to have a place at my gaming table.  More often than not adventures start out with "well your in a tavern and you are met by a mysterious person", etc. One of my players has been going on and on about wanting to drink mead while we play.  With this module and a few other things I've found I should be able to create a bar scenario without too much thought on my end.  I'd like to also incorporate some basic dice gambling games and of course some music as well. 

Here are a few other resources I've found this morning to help with the atmosphere.  

e-Adventure Tiles: Adventure Town Taverns Vol. 1

e-Adventure Tiles: Adventure Town Taverns Vol. 1 brings the staple starting point of fantasy RPGs to your table top. Whether your party is meeting for the first time or looking for info on the next big adventure, the tavern is the place to start. Details in this set of 25 miniatures scale tiles include cobblestone streets, wood floored interiors, tables with chairs and benches, bars and bar stools, kegs, barrels, crates, roaring fireplaces, detailed windows and doors, and more.

e-Adventure Tiles are designed for use with your favorite role playing or miniatures skirmish game by RPG cartographer Ed Bourelle.  $9.30 CDN Drivethrurpg

Adventure Havens: Tavern Tales

You know what they say about the best laid plans...

No matter how much planning you do, your players will always figure out a way to throw you off. Whether it is suddenly deciding they want to visit every tavern in town, or take a ship instead of the main road to the next city,at some point you'll be left making it up as you go along.

The Adventure Havens Series is designed to help GMs deal with these random encounters. Each supplement will be packed with original locations, NPCs and story hooks to add hours of additional gameplay to your campaigns.

The series starts with Volume One: Tavern Tales. This supplement features a dozen fantasy taverns filled with ale-drinking, dice-rolling, plotting and planning NPCs willing to interact with your party. Not to mention plenty of mini-quests to throw into your game in order to provide a needed break from your main story, or just to buy you some time to plan out.

This product contains complete histories for 12 fantasy taverns. Each tavern includes important NPCs, seed ideas, and mini-quests.  This module is pay what you want on

Even more resources!

Here is a link to some gambling games you can try out -

If you are looking for an alternative for a bar room tavern setup you can grab one here, the maps are licensed under creative commons. 

And of course if you have a copy of "Keep On The Borderlands" there is a great map of a tavern. 

Yet another D30 table (yes I need to get one of these obviously) 

30 Odd Random Inns, Taverns and Sundry Establishments

Carousing Mishaps

Alright that should get you started on a crazy drunken brawl that might lead to adventure, or at the very least a sore head! 

And if you need some actual mead, I suggest grabbing this kit from amazon! I've been making beer on and off for the last few years.  When I first started I actually bottled them in old beer bottles, including stubby's at one point.  However its a bit of a royal pain in the arse to clean the bottles and cap them.  What I ended up doing is using is 1 & 2 litre pop bottles, just for the ease of filling them.  My American friends may not know what a stubby is see image on the left. 

Canadian Stubby Beer Bottle

Mr. Beer Deluxe Edition Home Brewing Craft Beer Kit

$56.26 CDN

  • Includes a reusable 2-gallon easy to use fermenting keg with a lid and tap assembly
  • Lightweight shatter resistant keg is made from FDA compliant plastic and imparts no taste or flavor migration
  • Top of line all malt refills offer you the microbrewery taste and experience in your own home
  • The keg's wide mouth allows for an easy brewing and cleaning process
  • You can make beer just like the pros do

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