Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Yet another mega dungeon progess report

I have one more map to finish editing, which makes 13 in total.  Part of me is saying "That is quite enough Shane!", and another part of me is saying "Draw a couple more".  I have realized that I may need atleast 2 more, there is one area under a city, that should be fleshed out more, and a dungeon section that could use one more map.  One thing I did while prepping for the mega dungeon is to setup individual doc files for each map.  Which breaks up the writing a bit.  "I gotta get thru 21 rooms" not "247 rooms".  BTW That's the estimate of room count at this point (247).  Like a silly person, I went and counted all the individual files and came up with that.  So its now rolling around in the back of my head.

While doing some research on mega dungeons I've come across a bunch of interesting blog posts and resources.  Some of which have given be quite a lot to think about.  In this post by the Greyhawk Gronard he points out the following:

I happen to agree whole-heartedly, but it's important to remember (as James has) that just because a campaign has a central megadungeon as its focus, it is by no means the exclusive province of the campaign. Adventurers are free to delve into its mouldy depths if they choose, but they're just as free to poke around in the local town or city, hie off into the wilderness, or explore smaller dungeons that the DM should properly have waiting for those eager for a change of pace.
Which leads me to believe, that I may just go ahead and combine the mega dungeon with a little campaign setting I was working on.  Which of course will mean quite a lot more writing, which I'm fine with.

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