Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Quick look back on 2014

It seems everyone is having a brief look back at the year, so I might as well throw my hat in the ring as well.  I managed to release 3 old school modules this year!   I am pleased with all of them.  Although I'd like to redo my first one from scratch haha.  I think its good to just leave it the way it is for prosperity sake.  

File under the "Blow my mind" column
Acquiring a copy of the basic D&D rules from 1981 for the low low price of $6 (I'm still dancing around because of this, fuck yah!). 
Gothridge Manor review of "The Overrun Mines" 
Crypt Of Rabies review of "The Overrun Mines" 
Shout out on Tenkars Tavern 

Modules Released
The Lizardmen of Illzathatch
The Overrun Mines
The Caverns Of Ugard

Here are a few of my more popular posts. 
If you're seeing things running through your headNot a RPG post

Looking ahead, I am working extremely hard on the "Enormity Project" mega dungeon, I think its going to be getting a name change.  I also have an idea for a hex crawl high fantasy land that I may just get together in the next year.  As well I need to finally finish that greedy island idea.  It appears that the enormity project might be finished by the end of January, atleast the writing part of it.  However I am in the process of re-drawing atleast one map.  So who knows! hahaha. 

Cheers guys/gals! it was a super fun Old school year!  keep those dice rolling. 

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