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Here is a little teaser for the upcoming MEGA dungeon. "The Enormity Project".


A1.  The mouth to the cave, has small foot prints leading into it.  There is a small overhang the casts the entrance in shadows.  On the inside of the cave are crude drawings & writings (in kobold- “Beware! Keep Out Algurg’s Lair”).

A2. The door is locked.  Inside the room are 2 kobolds asleep at a table.  There are crude playing cards and a few cooper pieces on the table.  A candle burns low.  Against the north wall are 2 crudely made cells in one is what appears to be a corpse of a human, the other has a malnourished looking dwarf chained to a wall.

2 Kobolds AC 7, HD 1D4, hp 4, 2, MV 60’ (20’), #AT 1, D 1D4-1, Save 0 Level Human, ML 6, AL Chaotic, XP 5 *One of the Kobolds has a key to the cells.  

Gwimble Hornslager - STR 13 INT 11 WIS 12 DEX 13 CON 15 CHA 12.  AC 6 HP 8. 2nd Level Dwarf Fighter.  Needs a weapon. HD 2D8, Current HP’s 2.  The dwarf will help the adventurers if he is freed and will lead them to the Makeshift City  Map E.  

A3.  It appears you have stumbled into a religious service in full swing.  There are 4 kobolds sitting facing a poorly made altar.  A larger yellowish kobold occupies a wooden chair, the chair is pushed against one wall, he is clearly overseeing this matter.  In front of the altar is a Kobold wearing a weird hat made from the remains of a unfortunate soul.  He holds a staff that glows blue and he is speaking in kobold.  (If anyone understands kobold, he is asking for help in defeating their enemies and more luck finding wealth in the tunnels).  

4 Kobolds AC 7, HD 1D4, hp 2,1,3,2  MV 60’ (20’), #AT 1, D 1D4-1, Save 0 Level Human, ML 6, AL Chaotic, XP 5

Algurg - Kobold King  AC 5, HD 1D8, hp 7, MV 60’ (20’), #AT 1, D 1D8+1, Save F1, ML 6, AL Chaotic, XP 15.  Algurg is large for a Kobold and has seen many battles, he attacks with a Short Sword and adds +1 for his unatural strength.

Kobold Shaman (1st Level Wizard) AC 9, HD 1D4, hp 2 MV 60’ (20’), #AT 1, D 1D4-1, Save 0 Level Human, ML 6, AL Chaotic, XP 5 Spells - Charm Person, Shield, Magic Missile.  Scroll Of Dispel Magic

*SECRET DOOR - Secret door below altar, in a small  barrel there is 32 GP, 1 Potion of Healing, Kobold Art (worth 3 GP’s), Bottle Of Wine, Hacksaw.  Inside the barrel is the Kobold’s pet snake, a Spitting Cobra.  

Spitting Cobra AC 7, HD 1, hp 7, MV 90’ (30’), #AT 1 (bite or spit) D 1D3, poison*, Save F1, ML 7, AL Neutral, XP 13.

*If Poisoned Save VS Poison or become blinded.  1d4 days and the PC will die from poison.  They can be cured by the spell “Cure Blindness”.  

A4.  This cavern is empty.  

A5.  A large empty cavern, there are 3 exits to the north, north west and one to the east.  This room appears to be a mine, there are a few pickaxes leaning against one wall.  On the ground is a basket with some ore in it (2 pieces of anthracite worth 10 GP each).  

A6.  The tunnel opens up to a large cliff there is a 50 foot drop to the bottom.   At the bottom of the landing is a fast flowing river.  A little off to the north east is a stone wall and beyond that the roofs of small wooden houses.  30 feet across from the landing is solid rock.

If the PC’s are with Gwimble the dwarf he will show them a secret door on the side of the landing to stairs that lead down.  The stairs go under the landing to the river, there is a small boat docked there.  If a PC casts a detect magic, they will see the secret door, as well if anyone searches they have a 2 in 6 chance of finding it (Roll 1D6).  The secret door is not trapped.  

A7.  The cavern widens into a small beach, there is a stone bridge across a underground river to the north.  The bridge is about 40 feet long and 10 feet wide.  It is covered in ornate runes (none of which are readable by PC’s it is an ancient language).  It is about 15 feet down the bank to the water’s edge, the ledge is rocky and hard to manage.   

The bridge is a trap, it needs a circular crystal key to stay open, if not as the PC’s walk across it will collapse dumping them into the river.  1D6 falling damage.  The current is very quick and it travels eastwards towards the dwarven city.  There is a 35% chance that a crocodile will be lurking in the waters.    

Crocodile  AC 5, HD 2, hp 10, MV 90’ (30’) , #AT 1, D 1D8, Save F1, ML 7, AL Neutral, XP 20.

A buccaneer has made his home on the north side of the beach.  He is partially insane and will attack the PC’s if they come near him.  There is a tent on the north side of the river.  He is old and withered and has seen better days.  He appears lost in thought staring at the giant door from a distance and mumbling to himself.  

1 Partially Insane  Buccaneer  AC 7, HD 1, hp 4 MV 120’ (40’), #AT 1, D Dagger 1d4, Save F1, ML 6, AL Chaotic.  XP 10.  3 GP, Some provisions (2 days).

Ancient Ruins Door - SEE MAP B  On the other side of the beach stands a huge set of stone doors.  They are about 15 feet high, and are against a large wall.  Upon them is written something in old elvish.  There are three holes in the centre of the door… a square, triangle, and a X.  

If any PC can read Elvish, or there are any Elves in the party, the writing on the door is readable.  It reads “This is the land of the Thaylians, Seekers of great knowledge, keepers of lost secrets”.  There is no way for the PC’s to enter this door without the 3 cylinder keys.  The keys are found within the megadungeon.  No magic, or alternative measures will open these doors.

A8.  The tunnel exits to the west see MAP D - D9.

A9.  The river exits to the west see MAP D - D27.

A10.  The river exits to the east see MAP E - E18.

Map A.png

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