Friday, August 7, 2015

Another proposed hack!

After our starter set 5e adventure wraps up, I am hoping that another player of mine will be DMing a new campaign, after that I want to run some Mutant Future!  Having a brief discussion I decided that it will probably be a hack version of MF rather than the original rules.

Whilst doing a bit of research I caught this, which might be the ticket.

Yes!  Goodman Games is working on Mutant Crawl Classics.

So hopefully there will be a bit of a quick start rules that comes out, more for curiosity than because I'm cheap.  I hope they add the funnel.  That said the price isn't too bad.

As far as a Mutant Future hack, here's a few ideas I have. 

*  Convert the whole damn thing to ascending ac.  (cuz math annoys me).

*  Keep the 4 saves from MF (I like em).

*  Since levelling is fairly straight forward in MF, I think I'll just add a system of +1's depending on what level the PC's are.  (Much like the way does it for fighters).
*  In mutant future there are mind attacks as well as regular melee attacks.  Wotc just realased a 5e hack for Psionics , which might be something that could be incorporated.

*  Create a funnel thing for it.

*  Add advantage/disadvantage mechanic (of course cuz its hilarious, see previous post about a holmes/5e hack).

*  Inspiration from 5e

*  Create some new backgrounds for players, just for role playing.  Possible backgrounds include:  Slaver, Slave, Trader (Scavenger), Post military, lab rat,

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