Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sanity Stat

I've been slowly working on some writing, I came up with the idea of a Sanity stat for this adventure.  Because of the world that PC's will get plunged into it will become important to remain sane, and to try and get the hell outta the world quickly.

Sanity:  Everyone starts off with 3d6 Sanity.  For everyday trapped on the plane of existence loost 1 point of sanity.  When your score drops to -5 you become totally insane.

Insane effects:  Alignment changes to neutral.  All ability scores drop by 1d4.  Loose 3 levels of experience.


1.  You see a lovely woman/man, they gaze alluringly at you.
2.  a nice dog sleeping in the sunshine.
3.  a warm apple pie appears every time you are hungry.
4.  cold tankard filled with beer. (all drinks appear this way).
5.  Roasted stuff pig.
6.  A lamp with a genie appearing.
7.  A sword in a stone, that looks easy to pull out.
8.  A large beautiful beach with palm trees and all you can drink mojitos.
9.  You believe that you woke up wearing golden chainmail.
10.  You see your grandparents/parents
11.  You believe that you are the captain of the royal guard.
12.  You believe that you can fly, and have sprouted wings.
13.  You think you are great wizard, any spell you cast feels way more powerful and intense.  You believe that you know every spell there is.
14.  You think an assassin is trying to kill you.
15.  You continually hear a bell and salivate.
16.  You believe that you were cordially invited to a tea party in the forest by a scruffy looking rabbit.
17.  You think that you can speak any language.
18.  Every thing you see is in black & white.
19.  A ghost follows you wherever you go.  It wails while you sleep.
20.  When people talk all you hear is beautiful music.

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