Monday, August 17, 2015

One Fell Swoop - Rpgaday2015

I did the month long D&D competition, then I started the revised version of the same blog idea and I never finished it.  I recently noticed that we are now doing #rpgaday2015, and taking a page out of Zak's book I'm just going to sit down and write the whole thing now.  As I stated I'm on vacation, currently having a nice cup of coffee and procrastinating cutting the grass.  And of course I like doing these types of things as it forces you to write.  

1.  Forthcoming game that you are most looking forward to.  
Mutant Crawl Classics by Goodman Games.  You know its going to be good.  Just from the coolness factor of DCC.

2.  Kickstarter game you are most pleased you backed. 
Bad Shane!  I haven't backed any KS's yet.  There was one super cool Labyrinth Lord video game that didn't get funded.  It was super old school bard's tale esq.

3.  Favourite New RPG game of the last 12 months. 
I really liked the idea and the playability of Crimson Dragon Slayer.  I had a very light hand in giving some ideas out on that one.  The system is pretty cool and usable for other things.

4.  Most surprising game.
I'll go with Fifth edition on this one.  I never had a chance to play the 3rd or 4th editions but from what I've heard they were a bit nightmarish.  I find fifth edition surprising in that it feels like 2nd edition to me, the chassis is a bit easier however.  There are still things that my head hasn't quite figured out, but its getting there.

5.  Most recent RPG purchase. 
The fifth edition DM screen.  BAH! I shoulda returned it.  For $18 CDN I coulda made a better homemade job myself.  A friend of mine is going to start DMing soon and I think he maybe borrowing it.  Probably long term.  The only good thing about the screen is that its a bit lower so you can see your players.  That was one thing that annoyed me about the 2nd edition screen that I have.  (which btw had a crap ton of stuff on it).

6.  Most recent RPG played
Fifth edition, however I really want to get some Barbarians of Lemuria, Mutant Future or Advanced fighting fantasy going.

7.  Favourite Free RPG.
This is going to be difficult as there are so many.  But here are a few of my favs.
Labyrinth Lord
Advanced Fighting Fantasy Quickstart

8.  Favourite appearance of RPG's in media
Going with Big Bang Theory on this one.  Love that show, makes me proud to be a nerd.  However I have heard that some true nerds don't like all the attention its causing to us.  Nerds... lol.
Sheldon Cooper: The entrance to the dungeon is a moss covered door. You manage to open it only to find yourself face to face with a hideous, foul-smelling, moss-covered ogre. What do you do?
Howard Wolowitz: I say, "Hey, Ma! What's for dinner?"
Sheldon Cooper: [Sheldon rolls dice] Seventeen. The ogre is amused by your joke and allows you to pass. And by the by, I liked it too.
Howard Wolowitz: Really? On Dungeons and Dragons I enter a dungeon and find a dragon? Isn't that a little on the nose?
Sheldon Cooper: When you play Chutes and Ladders, do you complain about all the chutes and ladders?

9.  Favourite media you wish was an RPG.
It seems like every time I think of something there is already an rpg for it, or a hack somewhere.  I've seen Skryim, Fallout RPG hacks, Noir.  Wait a sec, I wonder it there's a Dick Tracy RPG?  YUP!  I don;'t know if I can think of anything that hasn't already been made.  there is even a X COM one -

10.  Favourite RPG Publisher
Playing Favourites isn't fun, however I like pretty much everything these guys do.
Task Boy Games
Genius Loci Games
Dyson Logos
Middle Kingdoms Exploration & Trading Co. 
Kort'Thalis Publishing
Dreamscape Design
Arion Games

11.  Favourite RPG Writer
See above
Plus Gygax, Moldvay, Holmes.

12.  Favourite RPG Illustration. 
Frank Turfler from Middle Kingdoms Exploration & Trading Co.  and Stuart Robertson are really awesome.

13.  Favourite RPG Podcast
Roll for Initiative podcast - it was one of the first podcasts I found that introduced me to the OSR, I've listened to a few other ones and have really dug them as well, but I keep coming back to this one.

14.  Favourite RPG accessory.
Without dice it would be difficult to play these games, so dice.  oh and my dice bag.  Buy a dice bag and get a free bottle of whiskey!

15.  Longest Campaign Every Played. 
I've never really played in a super long campaign, things always tended to crap out on me.  writing furiously just to find out that we had moved on to something new.  (this was in high school).  Now it appears we are starting a new campaign shortly.  Where I will be a player.  After the starter set, I plan to run a mutant future campaign sandbox for awhile.

16.  Longest game session every played.
I am sure we played a good 8 hours or so of Advanced Fighting Fantasy back in the day.  Of course there were breaks for SNES and Sega.

17.  Favourite fantasy RPG.
Why is this question even on here? D&D.

18.  Favourite SF rpg.
fuck it.  tie.  White Star & Mutant Future.  oh and apparently there's an X-COM rpg that I need to read.

19.  Favourite Supers RPG
I've heard a lot about DC heroes.  I've never played a super hero RPG.  The thought has never crossed my mind to tell you the truth.  I think I am so mired in Lord Of The Rings fantasy, that anything else just seems weird.  Eventually I'd love to try CoC, Mutant Future etc.

20.  Favourite horror RPG
see above, apparently I'm a big fan of dwarves & elves.  Venger just released this, do you know about it?   The outer presence.

21.  Favourite RPG setting
Titan.  The world of Fighting fantasy.  It's equal parts high fantasy and dark fantasy.  I need to try Red & Pleasant Land.  And I am so tired of the realms.  Mostly because I am so behind.  (still in 2nd edition whilst running the starter set, still trying to figure out how to explain Tieflings).  Its funny, I like the realms, but because there is so much written about it I feel like I can't touch it, can't fuck with it.  Just leave it alone and let it breath by itself.  I need a new world to destroy (mental note create a new world let a bunch of people destroy it). 

22.  Perfect gaming environment
Despite the fact that I would love to be surrounded by suits of armour and random torture tools, I am perfectly happy with smoked meat & and good friends, and of course beer.  This of course reminds me of Friar Tuck from Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves movie *with Kevin Costner.  
"Grain which any fool can eat, but which god intended a higher purpose, let us give praise to our maker by learning about beer. 

23.  Perfect Game For You.  (me?).
This is seriously the only question that I needed to think about.  My perfect game is a low level game, where its deadly serious, and the PC's might die.  But with some luck, and excellent role playing and possibly a few DM slip ups everything comes together and the Heroes become HEROES! There is a reason that there are a lot of low level D&D type modules out there.  Everyone likes to start off a character with hopes & dreams.  See KOTB

24.  Favourite House Rule
I honestly don't have any specific house rules, however I am a big fan of my resurrection rules, and whenever that happens they will be used at the time (fuck it tooting the horn).  That said, since I'm playing 5e currently I am pretty much done with the idea of a saving throw for each ability stat.  I like death saving throws (and the 3 strikes you are out rule of 5e) and I really like the Swords & Wizardry one saving throw rule. 

25.  Favourite revolutionary game mechanic. 
its a toss up between advantage/disadvantage which is basically friggin hilarious, and DC's (while not old school it does make things easier for the GM).  

26.  Favourite Inspiration for your game.
So here's a story.  My wife acquired a Kobo, and read thru pretty much everything on it.  I got jealous, I then read thru all the cool stuff on it.  INSPIRATION.  Go and grab a Kobo (or similar ereader).  don't download anything, just read all of the pre-loaded books on the system.  ie classics.  You will find your inspiration, they are easy to port.  When you are done reading that stuff ie classics, goto
Project Gutenberg offers over 49,000 free ebooks: choose among free epub books, free kindle books, download them or read them online.  Once you get thru those come talk to me about inspiration

27.  Favourite Idea for Merging Two Ideas into one. 
Read all of James Lovegrove
add D&D
add Mutant Future
add the Pantheon of ALL gods. 
Twist the whole god durned thing! (thank you Bruenor)  Yes.... I've been reading a lot of a certain Dark Elf trilogy.
and go!

*I need to do this somehow.   

 28.  Favourite game you no longer play.
There was choose your own adventure, and then there was FIGHTING FANTASY.  (thank the gods that my Mom worked at a book store = discount.  There was a time that all my friends had them and we would trade and whoever had the most won.  Why do they not do this any more?  Good way to get kids to read). I know there has been a variety of versions of the titles, but all of mine had green spines (I do not know how early that was, but I think it was fairly early in the line of titles).   I have been able to grab a few here & there at book meets/markets/swaps.  Unfortunately divorce spelled disaster for my initial collection.  Despite how much I'd love to have He-Man (and GI JOE) again, I would be much happier with these. 

29.  Favourite RPG website/blog
Semper Initativus Unum

2nd - 

30.  Favourite RPG playing celebrity.
Okay so obviously we all know that Wil Wheaton is basically our god king, and Marilyn Manson plays D&D with Zak S.  BUT Did you know that I play D&D with the bass player from Silent Dissonance?  Yah no probably not.  He's a friggin cool guy!  He married me.  He's my Wifes cousin.  He's not technically a celebrity....but in my eyes he is! (I even made him wear a kilt, totally fine with it btw). 

Kurt (normally a Dwarf on the left, moi on the right). 

31. Favourite non RPG thing to come out of RPG-ing
First off, that question is inherently funny.  Tis a silly question perhaps, but I think before RPGing there was Monty Python, or maybe it was around the same time? I do not know, nor have the google fu to care, but I'd love to be a a Knight of Ni.  (either that or a drow priestess of Lolth with a ridiculous female English accent.)

Editor's note:  I managed to cut the grass prior to finishing this.  score. 

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