Saturday, August 29, 2015

Myrmidon Character Class For Labyrinth Lord.


Requirements:  None
Prime Requisite:  STR and CON
Hit Dice: 1d8
Maximum Level:  None (as fighter) 

Myrmidon are mighty fighters, followers of Achilles (or some other great warrior).  What separates Myrmidon's from typical fighters is their ability to survive under the harshest conditions and gravest wounds.  

Constitution Checks:  When a Myrmidon suffers from deathly wounds (0 HP or less) they can make a Constitution check and regain 2 lost HPs.  To make a Constitution check, roll 1d20, if the result is less than the players Constitution score, the check is a success.  A roll of 1 is always a success and a roll of 20 is always a failure.  When rolling a constitution check subtract -2 to the roll.

Myrmidon use saving throws, attack tables, and experience tables as fighters.  

Attacking:  Myrmidon's are great with spears, and receive a +1 on any ranged attack roll. 

Defence:  Myrmidon's are very adept with the use of a shield, as such they receive - 2 to their armour class when carrying a shield (normally - 1 to armour class). 

Background (1d6)
1.  Soldier 
2.  Arena Gladiator
3.  Executioner 
4.  Bounty Hunter
5.  Royal Guard
6.  Tax Collector

Traditionally most Myrmidon's carry a shield, a spear (or two), a dagger, they tend to wear scale mail, and helmets.  (Armour Class of 4 with shield and scale mail). 

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