Thursday, August 6, 2015

Holmes/5next hack

Lately I've been thinking about the idea of a Holmes/5 next hack.  Not because either is broken or anything, just there are certain things that would be fun to steal and smash together.

Holmes Advantages 
- I quite like the Dex based initiative system.
- d6 damage only
- 3 player levels
- limited spells

5e/next Advantages 
- I like the advantage/disadvantage mechanic it is hilarious on occasion.
- Love the backgrounds, flaws, bonds etc it really helps to flesh out PC's
- Ability checks based on DC's

Things to Add
- Race as class
- One saving throw

I would definitely trim all the monster stats down to the basics, convert everything to ascending AC, do away with all the extra damage that monsters and PC's can do from 5e.

Just some ideas that I have kicking around to create something very streamlined.  It would be perfect learning game for kids. Or old guys like me that only have so much in room in our brains.