Friday, August 7, 2015

Preparing for the underdark

It appears we are going to do a underdark campaign after the starter set.  By the sounds of it we will have dark dwarves, dark gnomes, drow, and possibly mind flayers.  I am in the process of learning all of the character classes in 5e.  What better way than to basically create one of everything.  The first PC I created is a Priestess of "insert drow religion here".  We haven't quite decided if it will be Lolth or not yet.  Her name is Zeestra Kilsek  (thank you drow of the underdark).

Here is part of the convo with my DM.  

personality trait - if you do me injurty I will crush you ruin your name, salt your fields
ideals = i must prove my shit, without the help of my famjam

bonds.  nothing is more important to me than my fucked up spider queen loving family, except the males, they suck.  I hope the Matron mother sacrifices one to lolth

flaws.  i too often hear insults directed at me.  quick to anger

DM:  You need another personality trait I think.

Me:  Okay I'll go with the hating males thing, and eventually do a One Drow show of the vagina monologues.  Its going to be epic!

PS.  Mr. DM, I think if it works everyone else should keep their current characters.


  1. It won't work (no tieflings). Besides that, not everybody has Darkvision, and if you guys carry torches, the random encounters may be more difficult and more frequent.

  2. no tieflings eh. hmmm. Okie dokie. We will have to a have a discussion as players to see what we should play. Drow pretty much hate all the rest of the underdark races.