Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Censorship is a funny thing.  It depends on a lot of ideals.  Some people may get offended by something, whereas another group of people may not.  Changing something to avoid censorship is also a funny thing.  As a creative person, you don't want to change your ideal and your artistic direction to suit the needs of the many.  That being said, more often than not music gets censored on air because of archaic laws.  Yet its perfectly fine to have swears on TV after 8 pm?   I suppose that its a bit point counter point to who exactly gets offended.  Of course most of this all boils down to money.

If a big tv channel runs a show that has a bunch of swears in it, and the general populace takes offence, they may pull it.  Of course that also depends on the sponsors of the show.  If the sponsors target market is that age demographic that watches the show, well the whole thing twists and turns a bit doesn't it?  In the end though, the TV channel and the sponsor's need to decide what is best for them as a whole, because it's not just about the one program, but the entire catalog of shows that the TV channel is airing.

The gist is that Censorship as it has always been is a fine line.

From my personal point of view, and being a publisher as well, I would take a hard look at exactly what the problem was.  If at all possible I'd like to have a conversation with the person that I offended.  Would there be common ground?

That's my 2 cents, take it as you will.

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