Thursday, March 3, 2016

Save VS Tequila

I'm sure your aware of the kickstarter for "Drinking Quest".  If your not here's the link

I believe there is a long tradition of "beer & pretzels" type D&D games, and it appears these guys are working directly towards that.

That being said, more often than not our games involve a bit of imbibing.  Last year we managed to play a bit of D&D on the deck in the summer which was a helluva a lot of fun.  And a lot better scenery than sitting in a dark basement in -40 C.  I'm looking forward playing outside again whenever it gets a bit nicer out.

It's mildly close to "deck beers" weather.  Although today is back to "Eeek! why do I live here".

I think the tradition is really about the one off dungeon.  I've often used my module ideas for this.  If there's not enough players, or if it just comes up "Hey we should play some D&D".  Excellent!  Save VS Tequila  (which is also a long standing tradition in our house, specifically on fridays.  #tequilafriday).

While playing stone cold sober is a ton of fun!  I do prefer to have a few drinks whilst DMing.  It's not about being "more creative", as I'm fully aware that if anything it will degrade your performance as a DM.  It's more about getting together with friends and having some fun.  As anything though there is a fine line.

What are your favorite beer & pretzel games?

I think my next one will be a one shot Barbarians of lemuria game.  Probably using the stock character's in the book and one of the adventures.

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