Friday, March 18, 2016

Coming Soon - The Legend Of Slargh

Coming very soon - The Legend Of Slargh.

In the next few weeks I will be releasing an adventure on this blog, in parts. The adventure is centered around the Southern Swamp lands in Crimhuck.

Included will be 3 levels of a pyramid dungeon, a small hex map and a bunch of other fun stuff.

Below is the opening premise of the adventure.

*Note: If you plan to run this, don't let your players read anything from now on, as there will obviously be some major spoilers.

The Southern Swamp Lands

South of the city of Yahleui along the coast of Crimhuck are the southern swamp lands.  A dangerous place filled with dinosaurs, lizardmen and mucky things that gurgle in the night.  Pirates camp along the coasts, making it difficult to land anywhere near the swamp.  Deep within the swamps are old ruins, some of which are pyramids.  These pyramids are triangular in shape but with squared off tops.  

Adventure Premise: The current ruler of the Lizardmen village of Slarh-grash, is a fraud.  The swamps are ruled by the Lizard King Gawhdil, although he isn’t actually a lizard, but a reincarnation of a god.  Or so the Lizardmen believe.  In fact, he’s just very good at talking his way into things.  An opposing tribe of lizardmen believe that he is not in fact the messiah, but an imposter.  They seek to subvert his rule, and find the lost tomb of the original lizardmen god.  

Gawhdil uses potions & strange plants to change his appearance into that of a lizardman.  He gained fame when he came back from a raid with a group of lizardmen.  Blending in with the tribe, he gained notoriety by killing innocents.  His rise to power was slow, but determined.  He read up on the ancient past of the Lizardmen tribes, and has taken on the guise of a god named “Slargh”.  Some citizens of Slarh-grash believe that Gawhdil is a fraud, specifically the priests of the order of Slargh.  

swamp hex2.pngRumours (1d12)

  1. Rumour has it that some citizens are willing to pay large sums of treasure for dinosaur meat.
  2. The priest believe that Gawhdil is a fraud, from the ancient texts, he does not act the way he is supposed to.
  3. A raid has been planned on a neighbouring lizardmen outpost.  Sacrifices are needed to appease the god king.
  4. A local tribes woman has been kidnaped in the night by a mysterious man.
  5. The dinosaurs (or what is left of them) have been mass herding thru the swamps, they have been spotted running north towards the city of Yahleui
  6. Ghosts of old traveller’s have been seen throughout the swamps, they are restless.
  7. An old dungeon trapdoor was located by a traveller, he is willing to sell the location to would be hero’s.
  8. A great sorcerer has appeared in the swamp, he lives by himself, any who trespass on his land are immediately extinguished (in a ball of flames)
  9. Strange creatures have been spotted in the night, there eyes glow in the dark and there heads are oval in shape.
  10. Lights in the skies have been spotted.  Elders warn that this is the “end of times”.
  11. A human warlord has started enslaving tribesmen, and hauling them off towards the desert.
  12. A group of human priests have been seen giving aid to villagers and lizardmen alike, they call themselves the “order of happenstance”.

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